Czech Republic

Movement Disorders Centre, Prague


Department of Neurology and Centre of Clinical Neuroscience

Dr Petr Dusek
(00 420) 2 2496 5539

Dr Evzen Ruzicka

Dr Jan Roth

Our centre is focused on differential diagnosis and treatment of movement disorders including neuropsychiatric form of Wilson disease. We provide long term follow-up and specialized treatment of neurologic symptoms in Wilson disease, including botulinum toxin injections and stereotactic neurosurgery.

General Teaching Hospital, Prague



Dr Radan Bruha
(00 420) 224 962 506

Hepatogastroenterology centre of university hospital provides both clinical and research activities in gastroenterology and hepatology including metabolic liver disease. Laboratory is fully equipped for complete research in hepatology including molecular biology techniques and serve as reference centres for many laboratory methods in Czech Republic.
The care about WD patients is organized in close cooperation with Neurologic and Pediatric departments.

University Hospital Motol, Prague


Paediatric gastroenterology

Pr. Jiri Nevoral
(00 420) 22443 2062

Pr. Jiri Bronsky
(00 420) 22443 2098

Dr. Tomas Dedic
(00 420) 22443 2062

The 2nd Faculty of Medicine is the former Paediatric Faculty of Medicine, most part of clinical work takes part in the University Hospital Motol which is the biggest hospital in Czech Republic and Central Europe and the paediatric part is the most important Paediatric Hospital in Czech Republic covering all fields of paediatric care and the highest level of continuing medical education for paediatrics.

Our department is the biggest paediatric GI centre in the Czech Republic. We take care of patients with liver diseases incl. pre- and post-LTx, also of patients with IBD (incl. patients receiving biological treatment), malabsorption syndromes (celiac disease etc.), and patients with enteral and parenteral nutrition.