Semmelweis University, Budapest


Internal medicine, Gastroenterology, Hepatology

Dr Ferenc Szalay
(00 36) 309 402 606
(00 36) 706 348 057

The 1st Dept. of Internal Medicine of Semmelweis University is a centre for gastroenterology and hepatology with inpatient and outpatient units, and participating in the gradual and post-gradual education. The whole spectrum of adult hepatology is represented.

We are a national wide centre for adult patients with Wilson disease. More than 140 WD patients are controlled by our clinic. WD gene mutation investigations (PCR and sequencing) are performed in our laboratory. We are participating in the liver transplantation program in Hungary. Hepatology centre with inpatient and outpatient units. 3000 visits per year. Our unit is a centre in the liver transplantation program in Hungary.

Pretransplantation investigations are completed at our unit. More than 100 patients with hepatitis C infection are treated and monitored annually.
We are National Centre for adult patients with Wilson disease. We are in strong collaboration with the 1st Department of Pediatric at Semmelweis University and with professor Peter Ferenci at University Vienna.



Dr László SZŐNYI
(00 36) 209151795

The 1st. Department of Pediatrics provides a comprehensive pediatric hepatological unit with all spectrums of liver diseases from the newborn period until 18 years of age. The unit is responsible for the evaluation of children before liver transplantation and for the follow up after LTx. The number of the new hepatological cases is about 60/ year.
The unit operates in conjunction with the Newborn Screening Centre and has a strong clinical and research link with a major interest in clinical and diagnostic aspects of the metabolic liver diseases. Pediatric surgical unit is working on the Department with special interest of newborn surgery.