Clinical Hospital Centre Zvezdara, Belgrade


Internal Medicine, gastroenterologist

Dr Slobodan Kazic
(99) 38163331308

KBC Zvezdara is one of the 3 largest hospital centers in Serbia which provides secondary medical care to about 600 000 people in Zvezdara and surrounding communities as well as tertiary medical care in a number of specialities to people from all regions of Serbia. KBC Zvezdara is a teaching hospital which employs doctors of all specialists and sub specialists. A great number of medical innovations has been introduced in KBC Zvezdara first and than in other countries and regions of former Yugoslavia, like zinc treatment for Wilson's disease in 1985.

Institute of Neurology, Belgrade


Neurologist, Head of Movement Disorders Department

Pr Vladimir Kostic
(00) 381112685596


Pr Marina Svetel
(00) 381112685596

Department of movement disorders (Neurology Clinic, Clinical Center of Serbia) is involved in clinical and research activities in the field of neurodegenerative diseases and movement disorders. The Department provides services related to diagnosis and treatment of patients suffering from Parkinson's disease, dystonia, tremor, ataxia, chorea, tics, myoclonus, Alzheimer's disease and other types of dementias and less common neurodegenerative diseases.

At the moment professional medical team specialized in movement disorders have treated more than 200 patients with Wilson disease.

Neurology clinic is technically equipped for performing of highly specialized diagnostic procedures (genetic analyses, neurophysiological and neuroradiological diagnostic procedures), necessary for adequate diagnosis and treatment of patients.

Regular assessment of patients is established for following of their neurological status, as well as psychiatric, neuroradiographic, laboratory characteristics.

Clinical Centre Children's Hospital, Nis


Pediatric Gastroenterologist

Dr Zlatko Djuric
(00) 381641137270

The largest Children's Hospital in South-East Serbia.



Patient Organisation

Humanitarno Udruzenje Wilson


Sasa Kosutic (Chairman of the board)

Description of the organisation :

        Collects data about people suffering from Wilson's disease and related

        Encourages the activities of its members according to their abilities and personal preferences

        Regularly review financial status of its members, their problems and on the basis of data collected is addressing to the competent authorities and institutions and require them adequate protection and assistance

        Performs project research outputs on the possibilities of education of its members and educate members in the acceptance of disability as an integral part of life and their integration into real-life activities, and based on data collected by educating and working with other humanitarian associations in the implementation of educational programs

        Inform the public about the disease, characteristics of the disease, its peculiarities and possibilities of early detection

        Collaborates with health care organizations and health care workers whose work activities have the most important influence on the achievement of the objectives of the association

        Cooperate with specialist services to produce brochures on specific diseases, designated to patients

        Manages the site on the Internet where the public is informed about the disease as well as informing members of innovations in the treatment

        It organizes various forms of solidarity and assistance to its members

        Establish clubs as the main form of activity

        The Association will strive to create a particular research projects related to Wilson's disease, genetic inheritance and side effects of the disease, and help within its possibilities to help them.